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GALLERY: 2017-2018 End of Season Awards

2017-2018 End of Season Awards

Highest Average


Front L to R: Cody Adams 144 Preps, Maggie Bialke 98 Bantam, Brody Sailer 95 Bantam,

and Jenna Rieder 162 Preps.

Back L to R: Alex Pike 188 Juniors, Samantha Adams 144 Juniors,

Shannon Orcutt 210 Women's, and Amber Orcutt 209 Majors.

Not Pictured: Jose Uvero Jr. 227 Majors

Highest Series


Front L to R: Cody Adams 547 Preps, and Maggie Bialke 390 Bantam

Back L to R: Alex Pike 723 Juniors, Amber Orcutt 706 Majors, Tracy George 775 Women's,

Jenna Walther 533 Juniors, and Jenna Rieder 564 Preps

Not Pictured: Maddox Shay 371 Bantam, and Jared Durant 773 Majors

Most Improved Average


Front L to R: Katie Bialke +20.31 Preps, Jenna Walther o+26.15 Juniors, and

Crystal Johannes +13.38 Majors

Back L to R: Adam Bialke +30.44 Men's, Nancy Plante +22.19 Women's, and

Caleb Kudrna +62.64 Juniors

Not Pictured: Maggie Bialke +25.16 Bantams, Levi Reese +28.68 Bantams,

Christopher Wolter +31.71 Preps, and Mason Sunder +20.90 Majors

GALLERY: 2015 Youth Doubles/Singles Tournament                                   (Results)

2015 Youth Doubles/Singles Tournament

DOUBLES CHAMPS: Kole Jacobs and Sam Sahlstrom


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